Davis Bike Park Alliance Board of Directors 2017

President: Scott Smithline, Appointed: 2.12.17 Term Expires:2.12.19

Vice President: Matt Seitzler, Appointed: 2.12.17 Term Expires: 2.12.19

Treasurer: Lawrence Wold, Appointed: 2.15.14 Term Expires: 2.12.19

Secretary: Eli Makus, Appointed: 2.12.17 Term Expires: 2.12.19

Director: Nick Watterson, Appointed: 2.12.17 Term Expires:2.12.19

Director: Joe Pickens, Appointed: 2.15.14 Term Expires: 2.12.19

Director: Ken Bradford, Appointed: 2.15.14 Term Expires:2.12.19

Director: Jonathan Clay, Appointed: 3.20.17 Term Expires: 3.20.19

Director: Nicole Bourne, Appointed: 5.10.17 Term Expires: 5.10.19


Board Member Biographies

Joe Pickens

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, Ca.

What brings you to Davis? UC Davis History B.A.

Background: Received B. A. in History from U.C.Davis 2001, A.A. English Literature from Sacramento City College 1999. Manager of Ken’s Bike Ski Board Since 1998. Masters' Level Body Geometry Bike Fitter from Specialized Bicycle Components University 2013.

Qualifications: I got my first road bike in 4th grade to ride 5 miles to and from school. Although it was not everyday, I was hooked on biking. I Began Mountain biking while living in S. Lake Tahoe in the late ‘80’s. Living in Davis was the start of my road biking experience as an adult. I have spent many days discovering the areas around Davis on my bike since then. If you want a fun century to ride try Foxy’s Fall Classic. I am also an avid winter enthusiast on both skis and snowboards. Overall 25+ years experience in bikes and skis.

Favorite winter Sport: Snowboarding
Favorite summer Sport: Mountain biking/Road Riding
Favorite Non relevant sport: Football 


Ken Bradford

Hometown: Davis, CA (born in Lachine, Quebec)

Twenty-nine years in the bike biz. BA in History (like many of my colleagues here!). City of Davis Alternative Transportation Task Force. The Bicycle Coop Supplier Council.

I am a... bike commuter, tourist, roadie, occasional BMXer & mountain biker; also alpine & nordic skier

Cycling, Hiking, Skiing with Family; Books, History, Politics

Favorite Music?:
Currently, anything by Noel Richards or Martin Smith. Tough to sing but easy to play.

Favorite Mountain?:
Bear Creek Spire -- I climbed it in 1973, have a painting of it hanging in my living room.



Past Board Members

Jon Watterson

Born Kalamazoo, Mi. Davis resident since 1972

Background:  Educated in the Midwest with BA in biology and graduate degree in plant pathology

Cycling Experience:  Bike commuter  through high school, college and university. As a 16 year old cycled from London to Southern France and back. Budgeted 35c/day and had money left over after 6 weeks. Cycled 4400 miles across North America with wife Peggy on a Trango Tandem.

Member of the Davis Bicycle Advisory Commission.

Member of the Davis Bike Club

Introduced to off road biking by son and a professional colleague. Found experience at Valmont Bike Park in Colorado with son and Grandson exhilarating. Now help 4 grandchildren all of whom bicycle everywhere.

Interests: Sports of all kinds, backpacking, canoeing, gardening, bird watching, building stuff and visiting new places.


Wendy Killou

Occupation: Environmental Scientist

Growing up for a vast amount of my childhood in Europe and seeing their culture of bicycling and the use of public transportation has shaped me into the person that I am today, loving to bike and taking public transportation when possible.  My father was in the US Air Force and was stationed in Utrecht, Netherlands where I joined my parents on many bicycle club rides throughout Holland from age 1-3 riding in a bike seat.  After Holland, we were then stationed at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento, where we spent the next three years managing to live without a car, utilizing public transit and toting me behind their bikes in a bike trailer. Then I was ready to be free, by learning to ride my 1981 orange Huffy banana seat bike!

In 1985, my family moved to Davis after my father retired from the military.  I became interested in mountain biking in 1989 and began racing both mountain bikes and road bikes in 1991 after finding a great mentor and coach who taught me all of the ins and outs of cycling.  I raced for the Davis Bike Club racing team as a junior until I graduated high school and moved away to Fresno in 1996.

Rolling forward to 2011, I moved back to Davis with my husband and young daughter.  We returned to Davis for many reasons, but the largest one was to raise our daughter in a community that values such things as riding your bike, utilizing public transportation, and respecting the environment.

I am thrilled to be a part of Davis Bike Park Alliance because I feel that this will be one more opportunity to bring the community, youth, and families together to have fun and teach skills that are so important in many other aspects of life.  I was privileged to have someone in my childhood show me how to rip around on a bicycle in the dirt and gave me the confidence that I use in life today.  I would like to help give others the same opportunities.